Social Media Marketing Company in  Fazilka
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Social Media Marketing Company in  Fazilka
Social Media Marketing Company in Fazilka

Social media marketing is suitable for small and big businesses. It helps in reaching prospects and also customers. The social media platforms have groups where the people would be talking about their hobbies, job, and other interests. The business gets into the groups as an individual and tries to put in some blogs or ads to get the audience familiarized. The interested audience is targeted, and thus they try to get more information through the leads. The best social media marketing Company in Fazilka helps the businesses to be active on social media groups. 

Target Audience To Be Searched

Social media marketing helps in sharing and creating content for social media networks. Here posting text and image updates engage the audience with the company. The best social media marketing company in Fazilka helps in improving the business`s social presence. The marketing goals are considered before creating a social media campaign. The target audience has to be searched before putting the ads or blogs on social media.

Raising Brand Awareness

The best social media marketing company in Fazilka helps in meeting the business marketing goals. Increasing the traffic, raising brand awareness, building conversions, improving communication, and positive brand association are the main goals. Digital Chaabi engages a bigger audience in social media to reach the marketing goal.

The best social media marketing services in Fazilka helps in getting appropriate keywords to get good content. The competitor’s websites are compared to get more ideas for their success. Valuable and exciting content would attract more visitors. Image infographics, videos, and many other guides of the products and services are included on the webpage.

Brand image is introduced to many social media platforms targeting the correct audience. Business core identity remains the same on different social media platforms.

Link To Outside Contents

The best social media marketing services in Fazilka shares the blog content with the readers. Once a foothold is established in social media with a lot of followers, advertising is easier. The blogs and contents are posted on the media get in more followers. Media and content help each other in marketing. Many outside articles also are linked to attracting more visitors. Linking to external content improves reliability and trust. More links are gained through this trust. 

Trace Competitors Activities

It is vital to understand more about the competitors and their activities. The best social media marketing services in Fazilka get valuable data from competitor’s websites. If the competitors are using a particular social media to get more visitors, it would be better to follow them. Digital Chaabi has more experience in the market and can trace the competitor’s activities more efficiently.

Platforms On Which We Have Expertise
Facebook Twitter Instagram linkedIn Google My Business Pinterest
Premium Package Will Include
Social Media Account Setup

Developing business pages on different social media platforms.

Social Media Strategy

Competitor Research & analysis for perfect targeting.

Social Media Calendar

We help you to wish all your clients every Festival & Event.

Content Creation

Poster Designing, Relevant Captions with #Hashtags.


Post on best time through software.

Monthly Reports

Visual report showing analytics to analyze growth.

Increase Network Popularity

Increasing followers in targeted audience.

Spam Monitoring & Reputation Management

Monitor abusive comments and helping decreasing spam.

You Will Also Get

Facebook Cover Video

We love to display a video on our client’s facebook page cover.

Birthday Wishes

We will wish your facebook friends on birthdays on your behalf.

Ads Consultancy

We assist you to run Social Media Campaigns to reach more people.

E-Business Card (Worth Rs, 2,999/-)

A handy portfolio to showcase your services & useful in accepting Digital money.

What Includes in Ads Management?

Increase the traffic on your website or social media pages or increase your app installs whether increase the number of clients at your physical location can be done through social media advertising.

There is variety of filters used in social media ad campaigns

  • Location Based Targeting (city, state or country)
  • Interest Based Targeting
  • Demographic Targeting (age, gender, profession, relationship status etc)
  • Behavior Targeting (User behavior based on technology, travel habits)
  • Look-a-like audience targeting (same audience exist you are selecting)
  • Custom Audience Targeting (To target audience as per choice)
  • Remarketing (To target people who has already engaged with us using Pixel)

Choose Our Best Social Media Marketing Plans

Starter Plan Monthly Package

12,000 / $ 172
  • 3 Social Media Platforms
  • Monthly Analytic Reports
  • Email Support
  • WhatsApp Support
  • Call Support

Booster Plan Yearly Package

80,000 / $ 1145
  • 3 Social Media Platforms
  • Monthly Analytic Reports
  • Email Support
  • WhatsApp Support
  • Call Support
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