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7 easy digital marketing strategy for matrimonial sites

Digital Marketing for Matrimonial Sites

Today, the communication process has gone wireless and digital, similarly finding a groom or bride has also become a matter of one click on a mobile phone. Matrimonial sites have made it easy for people to arrange marriages smoothly and without troubling relatives and neighbours. We think now we can surely say, Internet ne bnadi jodi!

There are various matrimonial sites which help youth to find their partner according to their liking. And, no doubt the number of registration on such sites is increasing day by day. Therefore, if you are planning to just start a matrimonial business. Then, there are huge chances that you will be the next great matrimonial website. 

However, it requires knowledge of the digital world and implementing those digital marketing strategy for matrimonial sites. So if you are clueless about how to make your business the next top matrimonial business. We are here to guide you on how to scale up your business using a matrimonial website business strategy. Let’s get started!

1. Matrimonial Website Design 

There are over 2600 matrimony websites in India, obviously, not all are top-notch or popular among people. But you can be the one by executing the right matrimonial marketing strategy. The very first thing you have to do is create a potential website and maintain it. Keep an eye on every update on digital marketing and new technologies to stand out.

Digital marketing strategy for matrimonial sites

With the increasing number of searches from mobile devices, there is a need to create a mobile-friendly website. Otherwise, most of the potential crowd shifts to the other sites. The matrimonial website design should be attractive, with guiding navigation, cutting-edge features, readable fonts and most importantly take care of users’ privacy. 

The website must be easy to use and the registration process must not be complicated and secure. Websites are the way for you to provide information to visitors at any time and promote without any impediment. Besides, if you face trouble in designing such websites, can take help from Digital Chaab, we build matrimonial website designs intending to boost your business.  

2. Create Appealing Content 

To retain targeted audiences for the long term, content creation stands as the best matrimonial digital marketing. Quality and relevant content provide value and attract new leads. Experiment on various topics and analyse what the users mostly search for and create blogs on that. For instance, you can post about love stories, the importance of partners and like. 

Digital marketing strategy for matrimonial sites

Being consistent in blogging is not that difficult when it results in quality traffic and users. After all, no digital marketing strategy for matrimonial sites will be fruitful until and unless you will be regular with that. Content keeps the audience engaged and lets them take action on your website more. 

3. SEO for Matrimonial Sites 

The next matrimonial marketing plan is SEO, the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This is the irreplaceable tactic to drive more traffic to your website organically. SEO for matrimonial sites includes various techniques like optimizing keywords, meta descriptions, titles, and such. 

Digital marketing strategy for matrimonial sites

It requires effort and time, but ultimately it results in your business reaching new heights. You need to check the relevancy and potential of your website to target a better audience. It increases business visibility and recognition. To ease your work, you can contact us to make sure the website is optimized for SEO well. 

4. Build an Application 

Applications provide ease and convenience to check on profiles. It also saves time and gives a completely better experience to users. So, it is an effective way to pull a huge audience as they will find your business more convenient. 

Digital marketing strategy for matrimonial sites

There are about 6.3 billion smart users worldwide, so there is a great scope that building an app that can give your business huge exposure. Here are some advantages of this digital marketing strategy for matrimonial sites:

  • Increase engagement rate 
  • Build a connection with users at a faster rate 
  • Boost the users’ loyalty 
  • Makes your replicated brand 
  • Can provide better service and personalized experience

5. Social Media Marketing 

The next digital marketing strategy for matrimonial sites we have is the usage of social media platforms. Social media for matrimonial websites is used by various companies to strengthen their community and improve engagement. Undoubtedly, this is perfect for the matrimonial marketing strategy to drive traffic from there. Because today’s youth mostly spend their time on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. 

Digital marketing strategy for matrimonial sites

You can win new ‘followers’ or visitors’ trust by posting some case studies, reels or pictures of happy couples. And also, update them about new features, and post creative relative content. Also, video marketing is powerful to spread information and attract potential audiences. You can take an example from social media pages. 

6. PPC Ads For Matrimonial Websites 

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising plays a significant role in driving quality audiences to your website or app. Also, this digital marketing strategy for matrimonial sites is cost-effective as you have to pay for the ads that will be clicked by users. You can run a matrimonial PPC campaign through Google Ads or social media platforms like Facebook Ads. 

Digital marketing strategy for matrimonial sites

Further, the quality of users who jump on your website depends on the keyword bidding strategy. You first have to analyze your audience and target them according to age, location or demographics. PPC ads for matrimonial websites generate leads faster than SEO, it gives satisfied and immediate results. 

7. Email Marketing 

Many new technologies will come and go but email marketing is forever. It is indispensable to increase brand awareness, credibility and trust. You can improve your relationship with your customers while promoting the service. This digital marketing strategy for matrimonial sites helps in sending e-newsletters, promotional emails and updates on features or more.

Digital marketing strategy for matrimonial sites

You may send a welcome email, weekly email newsletter, lead nurturing emails or creative emails for marketing your business. Such emails add value to the receivers and the best thing about it, it costs nothing, it is a free platform. You can update potential audiences in the form of images, images, and videos. 


By now, you must know how important is to carry out a digital marketing strategy for matrimonial sites. Keep on experimenting with new tactics and track what’s working for your business and holding the visitors. Matrimonial digital marketing helps in earning profit by promoting and generating more leads.

Do your strategies need help?

We know in the beginning it’s difficult to understand what and how to apply the digital marketing strategy for matrimonial sites. So, you can seek expert help like us, Digital Chaabi a team of professionals who pushes the matrimonial business to new heights by making an effective and client-oriented matrimonial marketing plan. Contact now!

Frequently Asked Questions on Digital Marketing Strategy For Matrimonial Sites

1. How do I market my matrimonial website?

The best way to market the matrimonial website is through digital marketing. Using a digital marketing strategy for matrimonial sites helps in bringing traffic and building a strong community. You can do this by creating a good website, using SEO techniques, social media marketing and running PPC campaigns or such.

2. How do you grow a matrimony business?

  • Create a matrimony attractive website 
  • Take blogging seriously 
  • Own an application 
  • Run PPC ads 
  • Don’t overlook email marketing

3. How to start a matrimonial company?

First, decide whether you want to establish a company locally or nationwide. Decide all the budget and know about all the paperwork like licences and registrations. Further, do in-house digital marketing or find an agency that can promote and grow your business.  

4. What is the success rate of matrimonial sites?

If talking about the success rate of matrimonial sites in India then there is quite a good scope! At a given time, 60 million people search for partners and approx 12 million people get married each year. Whereas, about 7 million register on matrimonial sites for matchmaking. Out of which 20 per cent of people find their match online. So, if you are into matrimonial business and you promote and manage it well then you can be the next top website in the country. 

5. Is the matrimonial business profitable?

Yes, looking at popular and famous matrimonial websites in India, they earn a great profit. The websites include, BharatMatrimony, Jeevansathi and more. So, you can also make money in the matrimonial business.  


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