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SEO Competitive Analysis Guide: Importance & Techniques

SEO Competitive Analysis Guide: Importance & Techniques

Suppose you posted your content on the internet. It was ranked number 1 on the ranking list after some days. You are happy and think that your job is done. Then, you see some websites of the same content outranked your content, and your ranking falls. So, it is so important for you to do a Competitive Analysis with your competitors. You can improve your content quality simply by doing this SEO analysis.

According to Backlinko, an average of 1447 words of organic search results appear on Google’s first page.

It will guide you to the various techniques you need to follow while doing your complete competitor analysis. But first, you need to understand about the SEO Competitive Analysis.

SEO Competitive Analysis:

SEO Competitive Analysis

SEO Competitive Analysis is the technique where you can analyze the keywords or links or content research of your competitor’s websites. You need to check what they are doing in the SEO market first before thinking of improving your content. Let’s learn about what you can do in it.

  •   You can do a complete keyword competitor analysis with your competitors. You can use some free or paid SEO Competitive Analysis tools to compare what your website needs right now.
  •   You can also do full research on their backlinks reports. You should conduct a study on how many backlinks they are making per content.
  •   Remember, before all of these, you need to analyze their top contents—research what they are creating with specific topics and how they are implementing them.

Why should someone do an SEO Competitors Analysis? Why is it so important that everyone talks about it? You may need clarification on this. You should check the importance of doing SEO analysis.

Importance of SEO Competitive Analysis:

The importance of doing a complete analysis of your competitor’s website may be extra work, but it’s worth doing it. You can achieve your goals on how to create effective content and outnumber your competitors by understanding the importance of these analyses.

  •   You can get insights about the top content and trends in the market that your competitors have already written, but you don’t even think about it. So, research the top content trends and make a list in your priority bucket so that you are able to create content on those contents.
  •   Suppose your niche is about travel. You write travel content on your websites and provide offers to customers who want to book through your website. You can do SEO competitor research with the same industry. You can also analyze their top contents, their pricing lists, their products and offers, etc., which helps you to improve and develop your business strategies.
  •   Marketing campaigns are essential in the SEO markets. You can get to know about what marketing campaign strategies your competitors are adapting. If any changes in their strategy change, you can also analyze those by doing SEO Competitive Analysis. Then, you can improve your marketing strategies in the SEO market.

Are you thinking about how you will do this process? Well, you have to see some of the techniques that will give you benefits within the Competitive Analysis world.

The Techniques You Should Know Before Doing An SEO Analysis:

seo competitor analysis tool

Now, you should focus on the techniques you need to know for the start of your Competitors Analysis journey. Here are some methods you should check before starting to do an SEO analysis on your competitors’ websites:

  1. First, get to know your actual competitors and Keyword Gap Analysis:

You have to know about your actual competitors or else you will fail to improve the strategies of your company. When you search on Google about your competitors, pick more than just the first 4-5 competitors. Research the same key elements you want to provide to your customers. If some exact matches come up, list them all in your planning journal.

If you have a small online store or small business, then pick up your competitors who also have small businesses. That way, you can first outnumber them to increase your small online store. You must choose a big company to reach your target. 

If you want quick results, then search them via keywords. You can also analyze the keyword gap process with your competitors. Once you list your target competitors, make sure to do some keyword gap analysis. It means that the most used keywords they are using are in which areas and which areas they haven’t touched yet. Well, now you know which areas you can post content by targeting those areas first.

According to Word Stream, around 50% of search queries that most of the people searches contain 4 or more words.

You can do these analyses by using some online SEO Competitive Analysis Tools. You will later learn about these tools in the blog post. Keep reading to find out some analysis tools.

  1. Search Engine Result Page(SERP) Analysis:

After the first step, you need to do a full analysis of the searcher’s intent behind some keywords and phrases. Put your target keywords on the search bar of Google. See the words in the search bar suggesting you regarding your keywords. You can know the motive of people’s minds for your target keywords.

According to Bright Edge, around 73% of clicks went to the Organic Web Listings in 2020.

Four SERP intents are there to learn about:

  •   Informative Search Intents are the intents that allow the users to search the information about any specific topic. Suppose you are buying a laptop, and you want to know about the features of that laptop.
  •   Commercial Search Intents are the intents that allow the users to search about when they are purchasing or selling some products. According to Search Engine Roundtable, around 46% of people search for the local services or local businesses on Google.
  •   Navigational Search Intents are the intents that allow the users to search about a particular name of the company or business. Suppose you want to buy some products from Amazon, then you write “Amazon” in the search bar.
  •   Transactional Search Intents are the intents that allow the users to search for specific purposes like booking a ticket or booking hotels where transactions of money are needed.

You can make your strategies once you know the searcher’s intentions and what your competitors are doing about this.

  1. Focus more on the Keywords that are valuable:

According to Ahrefs, around 94.74% of keywords get 10 searches in a month. You should always focus more on valuable keywords that can help you to rank top on the ranking page. You can research the keywords that users are searching for more and more, and then you can make content using those keywords.

If you are writing content with keywords that won’t give your website rankings, make sure to avoid those keywords. According to Ahrefs, 5.7% pages ranked for only 1 keyword within in a year in the Top 10 search results.

  1. Research on the Backlinks:

Conduct full research on how many backlinks they are using while analyzing your competitors. If creating more backlinks is valuable and meaningful to the SEO rankings, then do it. You can gain insights and improve your content strategies by researching their backlinks.

According to Google, around 53% people in the USA research before they purchase anything online.

  1. SEO Competitor Analysis Report:

Competitor Analysis Report

You should create an SEO Competitor Analysis Report that helps to keep track of your progress after doing all the steps. Google Adwords Keyword Planner is a tool where you can see the full analysis of your websites with your competitor websites.

Tips to Remember:

  •   Track your progress from time to time so that you are able to improve your progress as well. You can also give your best efforts by doing it regularly. Remember to be consistent in achieving your goals in your businesses.
  •   Check what your competitors are doing besides SEO rankings, like social media campaigns. You should keep track of them as well to improve your content strategies and learn how to do better than them.
  •   Stay calm in this competitive analysis work. It may be challenging for you at first, but try to give some time to research so that you can improve in your fields. It takes time, for sure, so be active in doing the complete analysis of your competitors.
  •   Do you know about Mobile-specific analysis? Well, make sure to create content that will fit in any mobile. That way, your audiences can relate to your businesses very well because people carry their mobiles everywhere than their laptops or computers. So, research how you can create mobile-specific content that will take less time to load.
  •   It will be best if you learn about your competitors. If you make a mistake by choosing the wrong competitors, that may affect your progress in the SEO market and Google search rankings.

There are many tools where you can analyze the complete report on your competitors’ websites, their keywords, backlinks, and many more.

SEO Competitor Analysis Tools:

According to your needs, you can choose your SEO Competitor Analysis Tools. If you are new and want to use free tools, then you can use them. If you have budget, then you can choose the paid one for better results. Choose your analysis tool and start with your research before you are late.

  •   Google Keyword Planner
  •   Ahrefs
  •   SEMrush
  •   SimilarWeb
  •   Surfer
  •   Hootsuite, etc.

If you have read this far, then you know about what SEO Competitive Analysis is, why it is so important in the SEO market, what techniques you need to know, and some Competitive tools(free and paid). What are you waiting for? Start researching today and make a list of what you should do first to improve your business strategies.

If you are new to the SEO world, then start analyzing your competitors by using some free tools like Google Trends. Don’t lose hope while doing your SEO analysis, and make sure to track your process constantly.

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