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How to Do SEO for Restaurants for Increased Online Visibility

SEO for Restuarants Business

SEO is the organic channel to increase website traffic and online orders quickly and easily. Owning a restaurant or cafe and not putting effort into an online presence will not let you ahead of competitors. Therefore, if you haven’t started, it’s high time to work on SEO for restaurants business. 

Opting for SEO will boost brand awareness if you implement the right strategy, and it’s important to be patient to see the results. Search engine optimization does everything to put you on top of search engines for the long term. 

When you know how to do seo for your business by optimising websites, researching keywords, creating content, working on restaurant social media management and more. You will notice the growth of your business and it really affects the brand reputation. 

So you must focus on implementing SEO for restaurants business and scaling up your business. Here Digital Chaabi has made a list of the top 7 SEO strategies for restaurants. Let’s get a closer look at game-changing tips!

1. Speed Up Local Search

If you’re running a restaurant obviously your main goal is to increase the customers’ visits, for this, you need to be popular in your area first. Having a strong online presence and local SEO will result in a larger customer base. The best way to do this is to add your business to local directory listings so that customers can find you easily. 

SEO for restuarants business

Another way is to create an account on Google My Business (GMB) and add accurate and updated information like location, contact number, timings, photos and menu. This will let you earn credibility and make you more discoverable.

2. Check Website User Friendliness

When users are happy with your website then only you can rank higher on Google and get new customers. So, no doubt why is SEO important for restaurants. To improve the user experience, you need to optimise the website perfectly from design to speed and everything. Check the loading speed of webpages and whether some pages are working properly or not.

SEO for restuarants business

Most importantly, build a mobile-friendly website because around 70 per cent of searches come from mobile devices. Also, if you face any trouble with restaurant website designing, don’t hesitate to contact professionals that help will you with SEO for restaurants business.  

3. SEO keywords for restaurants

The next strategy to include in your restaurants digital marketing is researching the best keywords for your website. Keywords are the most searched words or phrases used by potential customers. So, try to find out those and include them in your title, meta description, headings, URL and blogs

SEO for restuarants business

Moreover, try to use long-tail keywords to attract a quality audience to your website and improve SEO for restaurants business. Here is an example of your SEO keywords for restaurants, if you own a continental restaurant then the keywords can be ‘best continental restaurant in Delhi‘.

Similarly, you can go for keywords that suit your business’s speciality. Various online tools help in finding the right keywords like Google Keyword Planner, Semrush, Ahrefs, AnswerThePublic and more. 

4. Create Engaging Content

To hold the customers on your website for a long time, the best way is to upload blogs regularly. There are various topics you can create content and add value to the life of potential customers. Blogs can really help in increasing restaurant visits and consequently, you will make more money. 

SEO for restuarants business

While creating content, keep in mind that it should be helpful and not just a way of driving traffic. Websites perform well when they share informative, useful and valuable content on the internet. Thus, content marketing or blogs is a great way to improve SEO for restaurants business. For your restaurants there is a wide range of topics you can talk about like:

  • Share recipes
  • Success Journey
  • Your restaurant’s special dish
  • Write about your staff
  • Publish about the event you going to organise 

5. Encourage Customers to Review

When users read positive reviews about you they tend to believe in you and visit your restaurant. So, it will be highly beneficial if you encourage customers to write about their experience. Just like personal suggestions, Google reviews influence people to a great extent and also boost brand reputation. Moreover, reviews assist in SEO for restaurants business by ranking you higher on search engine results. 

SEO for restuarants business

On Google, customers can drop their feedback and it can be read by anyone before visiting you. It is clear that reviews build trust relationships between brands and potential customers. So, strive to get 5 stars and good reviews to expand the customer base. 

6. Add Links

Links significantly impact SEO for restaurants business, so you can’t skip it while considering restaurant digital marketing. Add internal as well as external links to get better results. Firstly, internal linking helps Google and its users to know your website structure. Add internal links on relevant and potential phrases so that they can get more clicks.

Seo for restuarants business

Whereas external links mainly focus on improving SEO for restaurants business when you add links to highly reputed websites. Also, it makes your website credible and trustworthy, so make sure not to add any random site links. You can use external links on your regular blogs smartly. 

7. Use Social Media 

Social media is not only used for increasing engagement and interaction but also for pulling traffic to websites. Be active on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest and post unique content regularly. It will keep the audience updated about your latest event and offers. 

Seo for restuarants business

You can upload concise forms of your blogs on social media and add a link to your website to drive traffic from there. This way your website will have quality and potential customers. Further, attract the audience by posting offers, promotional content, discounts on special days and more. 

To reach a wider audience, contacting niche-based influencers will do wonders for you! When users see their favourite personality promoting you, it compels them to try you at least once. So use all the features of social media and analyse the results to see what’s best for you! 


By now it’s evident why is SEO important for restaurants and how to do SEO for your business. Follow the above strategies and once you start don’t leave it in middle, because this organic way takes time. Gradually you will notice your website ranking high on search engines like Google. 

If you find any trouble in doing SEO for restaurants business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with professionals like us. Digital Chaabi is the team of experts that helps restaurant businesses to grow, rank higher and in increasing their customer base. If you have questions about anything do contact us now! 

Frequently Asked Questions for SEO for restaurants business 

1. How to do SEO for a restaurant website?

  • Optimize website 
  • Research potential keywords 
  • Create unique and informative content 
  • Update profile on Google My Business 
  • Use social media to promote your business 
  • Add internal and external linking

2. Why is local SEO important for restaurants?

Local SEO is important to stand out among your competitors and to become a favourite restaurant of local people. Also, it can help other city users to find your location easily. You can do this by using local keywords in blogs and websites or claiming on GMB listings. 

3. How to attract customers with SEO for the restaurant business?

  • Create blogs on interesting topics 
  • Focus on local SEO 
  • Post on social media to improve engagement 
  • Add links to reputed websites 
  • Claim on GMB listing

4. How can I use SEO to grow my business?

  • Find out the right keywords 
  • Include keywords in blogs and website 
  • Publish quality and engaging content 
  • Make the website mobile friendly 
  • Monitor the results 

5. How can I improve my hotel website’s SEO?

  • Check the update the website regularly  
  • Improve the speed of webpages
  • Add relevant and right keywords 
  • Create high-quality content on the website 
  • Optimize images 
  • Add links


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