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SEO for Salon business | Complete guide to rank on top 

SEO for salon business

If you are running a hair or beauty salon business, getting customers regularly is a tough task due to increased competition. The only way to get out of this is to solidify your online presence, maybe potential customers can’t find you easily on the internet! So try on SEO for salon business as the majority of the customers come after searching online.

Whatever your specialisation is, build your presence on every online platform to let other people know about you. Try to give the impression that people can’t resist visiting you at least once. For beauty salons, local SEO optimization works suitably as people tend to search for services in their nearby areas. It doesn’t matter how much better you have maintained your social media for the hair salon or beauty salon until you people can’t find it easily on Google!

Here is the complete guide to help you optimise SEO for beauty salon easily and help you to rank better. But before moving on, you need to know why you need to go for search engine optimization for salon business:

  • Attract potential clients 
  • Increase traffic
  • Improve brand reputation
  • Boost sales

Now without further delay, let’s get started with our top strategies to do SEO for salon business to get your website on the front page. After reading this guide, you will surely observe the positive changes in your business.

1. Optimize your Website

The first thing while doing online marketing for salon business that users will notice is your brand website. So keeping it according to the interest of your niche and potential customers is very important. Customize your website according to your speciality, for example, if you are a makeup artist or hairstylist then keep it as per it. The design, font, and colours should be simple and eye-pleasing and most importantly the navigation should be easy.

SEO for salon business

  • Mobile-friendly

Mobile-friendly website means the website will run as smoothly as on a desktop. It will provide the best user experience as half of the searches come from smartphones. Therefore, it will help in better ranking on the Google search engine. You can talk about this to experts to get your salon business designed. 

  •  Fast Loading

Now Google has become quite comprehensive and focuses on every area of the website. So, keep note of how fast your website loads on mobile phones or desktops. Because of faster internet connections, people’s patience level is not that much, they leave immediately if your site doesn’t respond after three seconds. Speed is the major factor in ranking higher!

2. Find Long-Tail Keywords

Optimizing the keywords in your website is the main thing while doing SEO for salon business. By keywords, you can target potential customers and as a result, you will increase the number of offline visits. Moreover, SEO keywords for salon will make your website reach higher on Google search engine result pages (SERP). 

SEO for salon business

So, salon keywords list and analyse what will work best for your business. Your main goal should provide the best result at the same time attracting more customers. Also, focus on finding and using long-tail keywords because they may not get you huge traffic but quality customers will reach you. For example, if you are a makeup artist then go for keywords like ‘Best make-up artist in Gurgaon’. For more look at the above image.

3. Create Unique Content

Blogging is a great way to keep the customers on your website for a long time and convince them to take your service. Through blogs, you can share informative content like your new products, offers, benefits of taking hair spa, best makeup products and more. There can be numerous trendy topics you can talk about.

SEO for salon business

But how will this help you to boost your SEO for salon business? For this, add the best and most relevant keywords from your maintained salon keywords list. Don’t overuse the words otherwise, it will look like spam. Include them just to target the potential audience and to share updated and useful information. 

Creative content will help you to increase visibility and tell you about your business thoroughly. However, being regular with your blogs will provide the desired result, because keep note of the websites that are active. Write about hair, beauty, home remedies, skincare, and more to add value to readers’ lives. Also, don’t hesitate to add images and explanatory videos to it. 

4. Add Links 

The next thing to better your SEO for salon business is adding links on website content. Backlinks help in ranking higher on Google search results as you get noticed when you add links of reputed websites. 

SEO for salon business

Further, it is the best tactic if you have just started a salon business or own a small business. Then backlinks are a great way to increase visibility and to be popular. For backlinks, you can do guest posting, which means offering other websites of the same niche to write an article for them. 

5. Social media for hair salon 

Improving engagement and becoming a sensational brand among youth is impossible in today’s time without social media. Being on social media platforms is the best strategy for performing organic marketing for salon business. It provides great results, especially for small and local hair and beauty salons. Further, it gives credibility to the brand and builds trust among the customers and you. 

SEO for salon business

People often read reviews on Google or social media posts to know more about the brand. So, optimize the Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube account and their posts well. Add links to your website or blogs to the relevant post, so social media also helps in improving the SEO for salon business indirectly.

6. Improve Local SEO 

Such service-based business sincerely requires the optimization of local SEO to appear in the top results of your area. The best way to do this is to add local keywords in your page headings, titles and blogs. This SEO for salon business strategy will surely give you the best ROI!

SEO for salon business

For instance, if you want to do local SEO for a hair salon, use keywords like ‘best hair salon near me’ or ‘best hair salon in Delhi’. Similarly, you can add such keywords with modifications for your salon’s speciality. Further, for increasing local visibility, you may update your Google My Business profile to keep the true information to visitors. Also, be on online directories to search for salons easily for potential clients. 

7. Analyse your Website 

For keeping the SEO for salon business on point it’s necessary to timely check the loopholes in your site. And, what strategy is aiding in organic marketing for salon business or not? Besides, to provide the best website service, keep analysing what the audience mostly does on your website. Know how people are searching your brand whether from a computer or phone. 

SEO for salon business

You can do all this through Google Analytics or Google Search Console and make your website more worthy. Through the latter one, you can get to know how people find your website on Google. In other words, by what words or phrases they find you and how many clicks your website is gaining. 

Bottom Line 

It may be hectic and time is taken to place a salon business at the top of search engines but it’s all worth it when your brand reaches new heights. Once you optimize your business with above mentioned SEO for salon business, you will expand your customer base and generate good revenue. 


If you face trouble in finding and implementing SEO for salon business, you can unhesitantly look for experts. Digital Chaabi is an experienced company which aims to drive more quality traffic to websites and helps in retaining them for the long term. It’s better to go for a consultation first so that we can know you and your business better!


Frequently Asked Questions on SEO for salon business 

1 How to promote your salon business?

  • Build an attractive and easy-to-navigate website
  • Make it mobile-friendly and user friendly
  • Optimize the website for SEO
  • Create unique blogs
  • Claim on Google My Business to increase local search
  • Be active on social media platforms
  • Email about offers, discounts on products and services 

2. What attracts clients to a salon?

Salons can appreciate and give coupons to existing customers to retain them. To attract new clients, run giveaways campaigns or email about offers and discounts on products and services. 

3. How can I increase my hair salon sales through SEO?

  • Make the website mobile-friendly 
  • Check the webpage loading speed 
  • Update the Google My Business profile 
  • Optimize the keywords in blogs, titles, meta descriptions and URL 
  • Look for local keywords for salon business

4. How can I promote my local salon business online?

  • Use social media platforms to boost engagement 
  • Optimize local keywords in blogs 
  • Keep the GMB profile updated 
  • Upload photos and videos on Google 
  • Do regular blogging


5. What are SEO keywords for a salon? 

Here are some keywords for salon businesses: Best hair salon in Delhi, women hair salon near me, spa and beauty salon, professional makeup artist near me, bridal hair styling services and more.


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