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SEO Services in Chennai

SEO Services in Chennai

The area of advanced, SEO or search engine technology has emerged as one of In the most effective ways to help a website to The rank well in a search engine. We have emerged as one of the most successful organizations among the Top SEO Companies in Chennai.

Our professionals follow advanced technology to do the SEO campaign successfully to make the website popular globally. Our effective search engine optimization process is extremely helpful in enhancing traffic for your business. 

With our extended and modified service, you will notice a huge enhancement in your website's visibility of search results. No doubt, this advanced method will help in enhancing your business turnover. Hence as a top SEO Company in Chennai, we will always suggest opting for search engine optimization if you are serious about your business and growth in turnover. 

What do we offer in SEO services?

We take pride in offering a top-notch tech-enabled SEO process so that you can get more traffic and develop your business. Many are confused about what services are included in our SEO service. Let’s check-

Technical SEO

Many have a wrong conception that SEO means just to consider the content and the design of the website. SEO includes more technical matters that create a huge impact on your website. Several matters are involved in technical SEO to give your website good visibility in search engines. These factors are 

Speed of the page

Internal and external broken links

Crawl errors

Accessibility of Sitemap and mobile-friendliness. 


Like other expert SEO companies, we also possess an efficient team to understand various factors included in technical SEO.


On-Page Search Engine Optimization

On-page SEO is a process that mainly focuses on optimizing a website page based on relevant keywords. An excellent and informative content having relevant keywords can easily be found by every search engine. Our professionals possess the necessary knowledge in on-page SEO. Our expert team offers the following effective service. 

Real-time research of the relevant keywords so that the website can have an effective search volume. 

We ensure that the contents of the on-page meet the requirement of users’ search. 

A good website must have internal links and our professionals pay attention to build proper internal links. These internal links can make a connection between the contents of a website. 

Our experts also do the necessary balancing between the internal and the external links. 

The experts are also dedicated to ensuring that the page is properly organized and well-structured. It helps to search the site on search engines. 

Off-page optimization

The next is off-page or Off-site optimization, where the experts focus on developing links from other relevant links. Links building offers two primary benefits – It shows the search engines that your website is reputable and drives innumerable traffic numbers. This process helps in getting links from other reputed sites having an extension with .edu or .gov. 

The link building process of the off-page SEO process includes lots of tricks. 

The process helps in directory listings, content publishing on other sites. And we deliver accurate replies to various queries comes on social media platforms. 

This process continues researching valuable opportunities 

We prioritize these opportunities based on the predictable return value

Here we make the strategy, how to reach large numbers of customers via email, submission or discussion forums. 

This advanced process helps in generating incoming links.

Keyword research

Every top SEO company pays attention to proper keyword research. Our professionals here are extremely particular in researching keywords. The experts target the specific keywords that help to explain their audience and attract potential buyers. Once your website gets properly researched keywords, your company will get fresh leads and a boost in turnover. Here we are expert in 

Ø Analyzing competitor’s keyword

Ø On-time report of keyword mapping

· Tracking of rank in search engines

SEO surveillance

Customers always ask us how long SEO takes to show the result. However, it depends on lots of scenarios and there is no exact time to get the outcome. This is because our professionals have already completed so many projects which took more than a month and this mainly happens to competitive industries. 

Like other recognized and the best SEO Agency in Chennai, we also take priority in SEO monitoring. During boosting the visibility of a website in a search engine, our experts always keep an eye on the SEO performance. Our professionals generate a monthly report where they mention the progress of the site. These reports also show how this SEO technology is creating an impact on your business. 

Local SEO

If you are carrying a business locally and want to popularize your brand in the local market, then we are here to give the best service using advanced local SEO technology. Our local SEO service includes all those areas which are significant for promoting our brand locally. 

Our local SEO focuses on getting the right exposure for your brand within the areas where you serve your product. Our professionals follow the tricks in local SEO are –

We ensure to list your business in the most significant locations or Google maps. 

Here we also ensure that the listings of your business should stay consistent through all channels. 

Our professionals do the necessary link buildings in various directories locally. 

Why choose us?

You all have noted what SEO is and what service we offer. Still, many feel why to choose our SEO service In Chennai. However, if you compare, you will notice the areas which have made our SEO service different. 

We deliver an on-time SEO audit report to show the present status of your website. 

Competitor analysis is a vital part of website ranking and developing its business. We are meticulous in conducting the competitor analysis. This analysis is a great tool to learn about the weakness of your competitors and develop your business better. 

We build a long-term relationship with our customers and thus, we can offer them progressive SEO services. This advanced service helps our clients to promote their brand and grow better. 

On Site – Off Site Optimization Activities
  1. Competition Analysis
  2. Site-Map Updating /Creation
  3. Creation of Meta Information
  4. Meta Tags Creation & Optimization
  5. HTML Coding, Validations & Correction
  6. Search Engine Rank Monitoring
  7. High Quality Social Bookmarking Listing
  8. Classified Submissions
  9. Search Engine Submissions
  10. Website Pings
Technical Evaluation Activities
  1. Duplicate Issue (Search, Sort, Internal Pages & Pagination) Identification
  2. Duplicate/Alias Domain Check
  3. Dead Page Check (404)
  4. Robots.txt Optimization
  5. Google Business Registration, Verification & Optimization
  6. SEO Friendly Urls
  7. Custom Urls
Weekly Reporting
  1. Weekly Rankings & Weekly Report
  2. Email Support
  3. Whatsapp Support
  4. Call Support
Top SEO Tools We Use:
Semrush Seo Tool
Ahrefs Seo Tool
Grammarly Seo Tool
Google Keyword Planner Seo Tool

Choose Our Best SEO Plans

Starter Plan Monthly Package

12,000 / $ 172
10 Keywords

20,000 / $ 285
20 Keywords
  • On Site Optimization
  • Off Site Optimization
  • Weekly Work Report
  • Weekly Ranking Report
  • Email Support
  • Whatsapp Support
  • Call Support

Booster Plan Half Yearly Package

50,000 / $ 715
10 Keywords

80,000 / $ 1145
20 Keywords
  • On Site Optimization
  • Off Site Optimization
  • Weekly Work Report
  • Weekly Ranking Report
  • Email Support
  • Whatsapp Support
  • Call Support

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