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We are the marketing and public relations experts who will help your restaurant become a destination, whether you are a brand new trattoria in the hot part of town or a multi-million dollar franchise with locations across the country. We think beyond food and drinks to sell your restaurant’s experience, concept, and ambiance, which you have worked so hard to develop. To be successful, restaurants must embrace numerous marketing channels. We have extensive knowledge of traditional and social media marketing, website creation, public relations, reputation management, and other related fields. We have the knowledge, tools, and strategies to increase your restaurant’s covers night after night.
Social media for Restaurants

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We go above and beyond the typical marketing menu

We recognise that your restaurant is more than just a place to eat and drink; it is an experience, a destination, and it has a personality. We investigate all available possibilities for promoting restaurants and spread the word as widely as possible. Our team specializes in developing the narrative for your tale and presenting it in a one-of-a-kind fashion that connects with the audience. We leverage the power of social media to uncover trends related to your menu offerings and capitalize on them with timely and successful marketing. By leveraging social media for restaurants and the power of such trends, we ensure that we are not only a part of the conversation, but also the subject of it.

We bring your restaurant's experience to the rest of the globe

Restaurants have personalities, and we begin by befriending them. We listen to your story and incorporate it into our message strategy. Our research team investigates not only your market but also your position inside it. Our thorough investigation enables us to determine who, what, and where you are. We work hard to identify the best technique that will provide the most benefits while not breaking the bank. Every facet of our campaigns reflects your company’s image. We develop material with you in mind and distribute it through platforms and channels where you can hear it. Our social media for restaurant provides a significant advantage over other firms in spreading the word about your restaurant to every nook and cranny of the city, region, or country. Our carefully selected influencers will ensure that the buzz about your restaurant is amplified and that you appear in the headlines of local and national feeds.

We employ influencer marketing

We believe that recommendations and word-of-mouth will always be the most potent forms of restaurant marketing, so we initiate the dialogue by inviting local bloggers, food, travel, and lifestyle influencers to dine with you.

We relate the tale

Customers respond to personal narratives, so if you buy goods from a local company or farm, give a short story about your relationship with them.

We believe in local SMO

Think locally, incorporating local terms and areas that allow us to target local clients seeking for a dish your restaurant offers, in addition to your business’s keywords.

We win through utilizing data

All of our initiatives rely largely on insights and research that have been shown to drive growth to your tables.

We propel trade

We can collaborate with you across the sales funnel, from brand recognition to online reservations, to ensure that your growth is robust and constant, and that your outreach is thorough.

Explore Our SMO Packages, Plans And Pricing

Starter Plan

  • Any 2 Channels Optimization
  • (Fb, Insta, GMB, Linkedin and Twitter)
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Creative Images - 8
  • Profile Optimization
  • Festival Wishes
  • Post Sharing in Groups - 15
  • Hashtag Trend Research
  • Video Sharing (provided by client)
  • Video Title & Meta Optimization
  • Cover Pic Optimization
  • Thumbnail Creative for Videos
  • Monthly Reporting

Advance Plan

  • Any 3 Channels Optimization
  • (Fb, Insta, GMB, Linkedin and Twitter)
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Creative Images - 15
  • Festival Wishes
  • Birthday wishes
  • Post Sharing in Groups - 20
  • Hashtag Trend Research
  • Cover Pic Optimization
  • Content Creation
  • Video Title & Meta Optimization (insta)
  • Video updation (provided by the client)
  • Video sharing
  • Local SEO
  • Thumbnail Creative for Videos (insta)
  • Monthly Reporting

Premium Plan

  • Any 3 Channels Optimization
  • (Fb, Insta, GMB, Linkedin and Twitter)
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Creative images - 30
  • Festival Wishes
  • Birthday wishes
  • Post sharing in groups- 20
  • Hashtags trend research
  • Content Creation
  • Cover Video
  • Video Title & Meta Optimization (Insta)
  • Video creation for business
  • Video updation (provided by the client)
  • Video sharing
  • Local SEO
  • Thumbnail Creative for Videos (Insta)
  • Monthly Reporting

Make a wise decision by option for Digital Chaabi as your social media for restaurant partner

Hiring a Social Media Agency for your restaurant is not an easy decision, and before we get into how to find the best Social Media for a restaurant, it is necessary to understand why it is a good decision and how a Social Media Agency can help your restaurant develop, thrive, and expand. Being a leading Restaurant social media agency, we can help you grow your business with community approval and expand outwards to become internationally recognised. Here are a few reasons why you should hire Digital Chaabi as your social media company for a restaurant


Your time, as well as the time of your employees, is valuable and should be spent on expanding the business, serving customers, and improving processes and numbers.


Hiring a Social Media Agency for your restaurant will cost you as per the project requirement (depending on the exact services that are needed). That is around the cost of a 4-5 busser shift. We believe that an owner and even a general manager are worth more than that per hour.


No matter how knowledgeable you, your general manager, your sister/mother/daughter, or any other member of your staff are in Social Media, they do not have the knowledge that a team of professionals who make a living handling Social Media for restaurants has.


A Social Media Agency, such as our Digital Media and Social Media Agencies for Restaurants, would allocate a team of specialists to an account, rather than just one person, to assist develop your restaurant to new heights.


A Social Media Agency, such as Social Media Agency for Restaurants, can and will handle all areas of your restaurant’s Digital and Social Media demands. Social media, community management, reputation management, website management, newsletter management, data management, content management, digital tools, and so on.

You're missing out if you don't use social media to promote your restaurant.

Consider this: popular restaurant marketing hashtags like #foodporn and #foodphotography can reach thousands, if not millions, of users. Instagram and Facebook allow you to publish appealing photographs with location tags, making them great for restaurant marketing. After all, who doesn’t enjoy going through their feed and seeing wonderful food photos?

Experience-focused content

Your material should be a precise depiction of what you offer, and we create it by mirroring the essence of your business. To build an image that reflects your story, we evaluate everything from location to cuisine selection, as well as the ambiance and appearance of your business.

Keeping hospitality at the heart of everything

The most crucial component for a restaurant is not food, but hospitality, and we ensure that all of your ads are friendly, engaging, and provide your audience with a trouble-free experience. Our social media managers are experts in community management and spend as much time managing clients as they do boosting their numbers.

We aim precisely

Our data analysis team delves into the data and develops a plan based on insights to properly and precisely target your relevant audience in the most cost-effective way possible. Our local SMO and social media research provide us a competitive advantage over other services.

Everything should be consistent

Restaurants have a lot of repeat customers, but preserving your image isn't enough to keep you in the news. We track trends, news, and social media to ensure that your content marketing remains current and innovative while remaining consistent.

Social media is critical for the expansion of your restaurant

Social media for restaurants is critical to growth. You may promote your restaurant on a variety of social media sites. Social media has not only made it easier to advertise your business, but it has also made it easier to engage with customers. Overall, social media is only one component of restaurant marketing, albeit a significant one. You must also use other marketing platforms to guarantee that you spread the word about your company and attract and retain customers.


Whether you like it or not, your restaurant has a presence on social media. Your customers are talking about you online. Maybe they’re leaving a Yelp review, or maybe they’re checking in on Facebook, or maybe they’re pinning a picture of their entree. Whatever they’re doing, they’re providing information about your establishment. And they’re doing it on social media, where all of their friends and followers can see it. The only question is, are you taking part in the discussion? You ought to be.
Promote your restaurant on social media. And, because this is an ongoing, ever-changing platform, remaining current is critical. That is why social media management tools, such as a Unified Social Inbox, which displays all of your social media feeds and notifications on a single screen, are so useful.
What is the greatest strategy to build a fan base? Encourage the creation and distribution of User Generated Content. This is an excellent example of social media involvement that is converted into free advertising. Furthermore, your audience is more engaged. A fantastic idea is to urge followers to tag your restaurant in images of their favorite meals. Then you may share it with your followers to encourage more interaction.
Word-of-mouth advertising is the most effective type of advertisement. People trust recommendations far more than they do advertisements. These kinds of recommendations have now made their way online to social media. Your restaurant’s continuous success is dependent on your social media strategy and degree of involvement.
It’s easy to slip into the trap of solely posting about yourself on social media. While it appears to be the most effective technique to create a following, it is actually harmful. People are fed up with brands continually marketing themselves. Engagement is the cornerstone to a successful social media strategy. This entails being involved and staying informed about what’s going on with your various social media profiles, followers, and mentions. Make use of a social media management tool.

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