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Today, nearly 98% of students use social media for schools, and 75% of students say social media for schools, content, influences their enrollment decision.

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Regardless of the type or size of your school, or where it is located, Digital Chaabi – Social media agency for schools can help boost brand awareness and develop a vibrant, active, and growing following across multiple social networks that will have an impact on your school’s online presence. We’re known for creating integrated social media for schools’ marketing strategies that use a variety of relevant platforms, are relevant to your audience, and are creative.
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Digital Chaabi – Social media agency for schools, packages are tailored to the specific requirements of schools like yours. As a specialized social media for schools service provider, we can create the most unique social media posts per week and distribute them on your school’s social media feed, as well as provide expert recommendations on how to leverage the best channels to reach your target audience.

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Digital Chaabi, a social media company for schools, has been providing social media marketing for educational institutions by utilising effective advertisements on various platforms, particularly Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This has become a trend, assisting businesses in building a trustworthy customer base by bridging the communication gap. At Digital Chaabi – Digital marketing company for schools, we assist you in running campaigns across all social media platforms to maximize the power of social media marketing for your institute.

Examining your Social Media Accounts and Platforms

We start our social media management process by reviewing your current social media platforms and accounts.

Identifying Your Targeted Audience

We help connect you to your targeted audience so that you can reach out to all students, parents, and teachers looking for an educational institute that offers services that you provide.

Developing Simple and Clean Approaches

Following an in-depth analysis, we develop easy, clean, and simple strategies to assist you in improving your online presence. We increase your educational institute’s engagement among your followers and help you stay relevant in the digital market based on your personal preferences.

Explore Our SMO Packages, Plans And Pricing

Starter Plan

  • Any 2 Channels Optimization
  • (Fb, Insta, GMB, Linkedin and Twitter)
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Creative Images - 8
  • Profile Optimization
  • Festival Wishes
  • Post Sharing in Groups - 15
  • Hashtag Trend Research
  • Video Sharing (provided by client)
  • Video Title & Meta Optimization
  • Cover Pic Optimization
  • Thumbnail Creative for Videos
  • Monthly Reporting

Advance Plan

  • Any 3 Channels Optimization
  • (Fb, Insta, GMB, Linkedin and Twitter)
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Creative Images - 15
  • Festival Wishes
  • Birthday wishes
  • Post Sharing in Groups - 20
  • Hashtag Trend Research
  • Cover Pic Optimization
  • Content Creation
  • Video Title & Meta Optimization (insta)
  • Video updation (provided by the client)
  • Video sharing
  • Local SEO
  • Thumbnail Creative for Videos (insta)
  • Monthly Reporting

Premium Plan

  • Any 3 Channels Optimization
  • (Fb, Insta, GMB, Linkedin and Twitter)
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Creative images - 30
  • Festival Wishes
  • Birthday wishes
  • Post sharing in groups- 20
  • Hashtags trend research
  • Content Creation
  • Cover Video
  • Video Title & Meta Optimization (Insta)
  • Video creation for business
  • Video updation (provided by the client)
  • Video sharing
  • Local SEO
  • Thumbnail Creative for Videos (Insta)
  • Monthly Reporting

Allow the best social media for schools strategy to provide you with unrivaled growth

To achieve the desired results, our social media for schools, colleges, and educational institutions are meticulously planned. We work on results-driven and actionable plans to increase visibility. Digital Chaabi – Social media company for schools – develops the best-suited plan for multiple channels after conducting extensive analysis with specific tools.

Identifying Your Target Market

The first step in college social media marketing is to identify the target audience.

Investigate your target audience's requirements

Following the identification of the target audience, extensive research is conducted to understand your audience’s behavioral patterns.

Marketing communication customization

Following an in-depth analysis of the target audience, our team creates a tailored social media for schools plan to improve marketing communication.

Collaboration with Designers

The team collaborates with the designers after deciding on the tone and language of the communication.

Campaign Optimization

Optimizing the campaign aids in defining the audience’s needs. This enables us to provide what the target audience desires.

Avail the benefits of social media services for schools to predict future growth

We can see that universities and other educational service providers are increasingly utilizing Social Media services for schools. There is no doubt that social media is changing the educational landscape. Schools’ social media companies are now focusing more on developing interactive communication with prospective students. As a result, the use of technology and social media is gradually increasing.

College Admissions

Social media services for schools can be used to generate leads for admissions to a variety of courses.

Creating a Learning Environment

Social media for schools allow students to learn online at their own pace by listening to vlogs, podcasts, lectures, and webinars.

Alumni Management

An active presence on social media sites will assist institutes and universities in developing strong online relationships with their former students, who are referred to as alumni.

Industry Collaborations

Social media services for schools assist in connecting with industries in order to develop partnerships and find experts in the same field of interest.

Platform for Brand Building

Schools' social media services in the education sector provide numerous opportunities for educational institutes to communicate and promote their online brand image to key stakeholders and interested parties.

We identify the channels and content types that are most appropriate for your school's social media strategy

Not only are there numerous school social media services and channels available, but each one also allows schools to create a diverse range of posts. Schools can express their key messages through a variety of content types, including Stories, videos, link shares, and carousel posts. We keep these factors in mind when developing a social media marketing strategy for schools. For starters, it will make your strategy more effective and focused. Second, it will ensure that your school’s resources are directed toward initiatives and channels that are likely to have the greatest impact.

Make a wise choice by picking the best social media services for your school


The user demographics of schools’ social media services vary. Consider which networks your target audience is more likely to use before launching your campaign.
Live streaming, for example, gives prospective students and their parents a taste of campus life. Meanwhile, streaming-specific events enable parents, students, and alumni who are unable to physically attend these activities to participate and stay up to date regardless of where they are.
Engagement is driven by variety. Go beyond words and images when creating your content calendar. Video clips, newsletters, user-generated content, and even virtual tours can be included. You can also include interactive elements like quizzes, polls, and contests.
Social media for schools campaigns do not end with the implementation of strategies. You must know whether you have met, or even exceeded, your objectives. You can learn a lot from your social media analytics, such as the types of posts that received the most shares and reactions. Knowing this information will allow you to improve future campaigns by doing more of what worked and concentrating your resources on platforms that produced the best results.
Schools now have more ways to connect with students, parents, and alumni, as well as showcase what they have to offer, thanks to social media channels. Nurturing these relationships helps to maintain and strengthen them.

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