YouTube Marketing Services

YouTube Marketing Services

Video SEO can play a big role in your Digital Marketing Strategy

Youtube Video SEO is extremely important because more than 30 million people visit Youtube daily. And if you start using video marketing services to help your business you can bring more viewers who are interested in watching your video.

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Digital Chaabi conducted research with their clients and found that more than 70% of people prefer watching video over reading an article online. Simply, you only have to ensure the videos are interesting and of high quality to keep the viewers engaged.

There are many things that you can visualize in the video such as images, graphs, etc. than in simple articles. Having the visuals in the video keeps the viewer interested in the video for more time.

This is just one of many ways that can help with your marketing goals, so let us create some videos with the implementation of the new Youtube marketing services strategy.

The question here that might be popping up in your mind is.

Why does my business need Youtube Video Marketing?

Digital Chaabi experts say that businesses who implement proper video SEO to Youtube have seen around 14% jump in weekly views plus around 7% overall just by placing keywords in their caption. This shows the immense power Youtube video promotion with proper Video SEO strategy holds.

Let’s come back to the question of why your business needs Youtube promotion services because of:

  • Higher conversions
  • Better ROI on Investment
  • Google trusts video from Youtube
  • Trust building
  • More appeal to the visitors
  • Easier to explain what your service or what message you want to deliver
  • Engages everyone, even the viewers with less purchasing power
  • Your business gains visibility
  • In 2021, more than 62% of businesses use youtube Videos to grow their online visibility which results in higher revenue. Hence, It’s important for you to join the race with expert Youtube Marketing solutions in India.

    You might be wondering how it works and what part is for you to focus on during Youtube video creation and promotion.

    Step by Step Guide to the Process of Youtube Video Marketing:

    In this process of Youtube video Promotion make it sure that your video shows some uniqueness and usefulness when compared to 500 hours of videos that are uploaded to YouTube each minute worldwide. Below are the steps that we take to increase views on Youtube:

    1. Content Research: We understand that in a country like India it's quite not possible for many business owners to take time out for proper content research. Just starting the camera and speaking about a topic is not a suggested practice to attract more viewers. Neither helps in more growth. Hence to tackle these problems it’s important to research proper content.

    2. Video Creation: It’s important for you to understand that content is king. Our Youtube video promotion service includes the proper optimization of your video. The aim of video SEO is to show your expertise in the field to the world. So you can increase the revenue for better growth in all aspects.

    3. Youtube Video SEO: Once the first 2 parts are completed. We are all set to do Video SEO by writing relevant Title, Meta Description, Tags, and captions, etc. It needs expertise whether you are targeting a highly competitive keyword for your video or trying to target a low hanging search position in Youtube search. To increase YouTube video views you have to properly set up Title so it’s best readable for humans not YouTube bots either way you might get hit by penalties.

    4. Social Media Sharing: Once Youtube video SEO is done by experts, we have to make sure that it gets proper Social media sharing. Social media can help a lot to get the initial required user engagement for video. These users can be your followers who are already interested in the particular field you are making videos about. Thus when they come to know something new more than 43% users stay more than direct Youtube searches.

    5. Engagement With Viewers: You must try to make a personal bonding with your viewers. And to do this in the YouTube Video Promotion you have to ask them to subscribe, like and comment to video along with many more things. These actions will signal Youtube Algorithm about how relevant your video is to particular search queries.

    Youtube Video Marketing Packages
    Why Do You Need us as your YouTube Video Marketing Service?

    1. Easy CRM: We have an easy to use Customer relationship management system by which we tend to send daily task reports of Video SEO and insights that are important for business.

    2. Performance Report: We always share the performance report of daily, weekly, and monthly time frame with our clients so they can track their progress and overall growth.

    3. Dedicated Management: Digital Chaabi provides dedicated manager support to the clients for better coordination to efficiency.

    4. Excellent Customer Support: Our customer support is always happy to help in your working hours so you can call and work with them any time of the day.

    What Our Youtube Marketing Service includes?

    1. Video SEO Audit: In our YouTube marketing service, we tend to audit the raw footage provided by you. After proper auditing and checking the things like quality and what your competitors are coming up with the same topic. Thus by proper video SEO audit we signal green to go ahead.

    2. Video Optimization: It’s included in Digital Chaabi’s Youtube promotion services that optimize your video for the target audience so it gets the best exposure to the world and especially to the interested viewers.

    3. Video Creation: It’s obvious to have a series of videos if we have to achieve a target & growth, video creation with our Youtube marketing service becomes easy as we tend to help you out with creating high quality videos based on the niche your business comes in.

    4. Video Strategy And Planning: We can assit you with new strategies and planning. It’s seen by our video SEO experts that changing the design and overall theme of your video and channel can potentially result in a huge increase in subscribers, views, and the total awareness of your brand. Our YouTube video promotion service can help you with this area as our video SEO experts are highly qualified.

    5. Measure The Performance: Once your video is up for the viewers, Its best to measure the performance in YouTube studio analytics. It provides us with many important insights like how & where we are getting most of the likes, comments, shares, and subscribers etc. YouTube studio is helpful and proper utilization of these tools can make a big difference.

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