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Driving greater traffic to an eCommerce website has become now a necessity to grow and succeed. At Digital Chaabi – The best eCommerce web development company in India, we offer a high-end solution, web design, and system integration for seamless delivery, payment, and module development solutions.
The growth of the eCommerce industry is projected to be around $99 billion dollars in 2024. This means the eCommerce industry will flourish at a fast pace in upcoming years. And customers will benefit from the ease of online shopping making the consumers happy at every point of dealings.

How an eCommerce Web Development Company in India impacts Businesses?

It’s important to have a unique and upgraded eCommerce with enhanced ecosystem. eCommerce become a trend in all kind of businesses. The market has become very competative niche for eCommerce that every business can’t sustain for growth. A web design helps an eCommerce business to grow their revenue. Plus, eCommerce becoming a necessity for businesses then an extra option.

Why Digital Chaabi for your eCommerce Web development Services?

Digital Chaabi is one of the best Digital Marketing eCommerce web development company in India. And we offer unique service as we have professiona web designers to help you out choose a design before moving to the development part, so that you better know what is actually you are going for.

Our eCommerce web development services includes all the below benefits:

  • More Visibility
  • Boosted Sales
  • Increased brand value
  • and recognition
  • Increased conversion
  • Identify problems
  • Enhance and Gain More Visibilty for your eCommerce Website:

    As the name suggests “e” stands for electronic in eCommerce. eCommerce is a trend when it comes to shopping in 2021. Effective SEO or PPC services in India an eCommerce website gets visibility worldwide.
    More the visibility more the traffic which leads to brand awareness and increases the companies chances of generating more leads. These leads further get converted.

    Some keypoints that you should follow for more visibility on search engines:

  • Target the right keywords
  • Focus on website link structure
  • Create more pages with quality content Get verified by Google
  • Use compelling page Titles
  • Work with Influencers who can promote your product or services
  • Use Google Ads
  • Provide the best customer advice
  • Create shareable content
  • Use local media
  • Use social media extensively as possible for marketing purposes
  • Optimize your images and get listed on online directories
  • Boost eCommerce website Sales:

    The eCommerce web development part is huge, but when it comes to eCommerce web design Digital Chaabi ensure proper use of strategic key points to attract users.
  • Integration of responsiveness to design
  • Best CTAs (Call to Action) placement
  • Use of high quality vector graphics or visuals
  • Organised Navigation throught the website
  • By Using white space
  • By speeding up the website
  • Increase your eCommerce Brand value and recognition:

    Every business wants to be the best in their segment. They main problem that people faceis that they are not aware of the ultimate marketing goals that they can set to achieve brand value and recognition.

    Here are some of the keypoints that you should keep in mind to increase brand value and recognition:

  • Provide great customer satisfaction
  • Develop a story that tells why you are in this particular business
  • Always showcase your name in front people you met
  • Exceed consumers expectations
  • Let them opt for a newsletter and share daily offers or tips with them
  • Start a blog on your website
  • Develop, host, produce or join radio shows to reach more people
  • Create a facebook group
  • Write a book related to your business segment
  • Use the same logo and photos in all your marketing plans
  • Increase Conversion of your eCommerce website:

    You must consider the fact that out of 1000 visitors who visit your website only 1 or 2 buy or becomes your customers. Because conversion rate average nearly less than 2%. Keeping this in mind our eCommerce web development company keeps many focuses on some of the key points:
  • Add a pop-up to your website
  • Remove unnecessary fields from all form on websites
  • Testimonials, reviews, and logos of your existing clients will help a lot
  • Remove unnecessary functions
  • Add easy to use a funnel for signup or purchases
  • Improve and strengthen your CTAs
  • Add live chat to your website
  • Provide different offers to clients
  • Offer a money-back guarantee
  • Add a countdown timer for products and services on your website
  • Use Upselling marketing strategy
  • A/B test your headlines
  • At Digital Chaabi our eCommerce web development service includes all the above key points while developing your business website. In case, you already have one then we will revamp it and improve or add more things to increase conversion.

    Identify Problems in eCommerce platforms:

    As an eCommerce web development service provider Digital Chaabi not only developes your websites using modern and latest technologies like Magento, WordPress or Salesforce but we also figure out the potential hurlders that come into the path of your growth. Such guidance can work like a miracle.

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