Top 7 Tips To Rank Your Videos on YouTube in 2021


Nowadays, publishing videos on youtube channels has become the most prominent factor when it comes to marketing for your business. You are putting a lot of effort into making the video, publishing it on YouTube to get more people to know about you. But it’s all in vain when no one is going to notice your videos on YouTube.

If you want people to notice your efforts, you need to rank your videos on YouTube and in the search result of YouTube. As per a survey, “By 2022, online video will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic according to Cisco.

People watch an average of 16 hours of online video per week. And 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.”

So it is crucial to make your video rank on YouTube. You can also take help from India’s best Youtube video marketing company.

Here are some things to do to rank your videos on YouTube

Quality Content
Many factors are responsible to rank your videos on YouTube. Quality of content is although not responsible directly to rank the videos but it is indirectly responsible to rank the videos. The more is the quality of content, the more will be its viewers and more will be user engagement which will, in turn, rank your videos on YouTube. So to rank your videos on YouTube, you should produce more quality content.

You can do this by:

  1. Sharing useful knowledge
  2. Teach them the procedure of something or How-to-do videos will greatly impact n user engagement.
  3. Analysis of events or trends happening around.

It helps the viewers to like the video, share it, and subscribe to your YouTube channel for more useful updates.

To make the above-stated videos, you should always know that what kind of content people are searching for on YouTube.

Searching for the Right Keyword
Keyword research has been made quite easy nowadays with various keyword research tools unlike in the traditional SEO practices.

Unlike traditional SEO, YouTube content doesn’t include SEMrush and other tools to find the right keywords for you, how should be the content and keywords or complete the YouTube videos. We only have YouTube and Google to find out those things and we can come up with the right volume of data at an ease. You can effectively find topics on which you should make videos by YouTube’s Search Suggest feature. That is a very powerful and famous tool based on user activity. Else, you may find the suitable topic for you by shuffling at the expert channel in your niche and by searching for the most-viewed videos. To do this, you may need to go to the VIDEOS tab and sort the videos according to popularity.

It is to be noted that more views can’t count for more suitable and worthy topics. More views can be due to being on YouTube for a very long time or it can be due to paid ads running on that channel.

For keyword research, traditional research tools can also be used which are used for keyword research in articles and blogs.

YouTube videos Optimization
This term is a collection of two things- optimization of videos you are uploading on YouTube and optimization of the YouTube channel on which they are being published.

Video Length
Video length on YouTube indirectly emphasizes the number of viewers on that video. The more is the video size, the more it is likely to impact the user experience. The more will be the length of the videos, the more viewers will feel satisfied with the descriptions and that leads to more likes, comments, and sharing of the video.

Resolution and Quality of the video
To get more views and engagement on your YouTube videos, you need to upload them in HD quality because a study says that almost 68.2% of the videos visible on YouTube’s first page are in HD quality.

Also, HD quality videos are more likely to satisfy viewers with quality and they are likely to spend more time on the videos.

Also, it is believed that the people who use high-quality devices to create the video put more energy to create high-quality content also.

Use of keywords in the video
There is no way to tell anyone what is contained in the video until it is viewed. Google is only extracting the audio from the videos we are uploading and it automatically creates its text transcript.

But if we put some keywords into the description of the videos, it is more likely to show on the top in search results.

It is beneficial also as transcripts of Youtube can also be used as the text on the YouTube page where a video is published.

Tags do not directly impact a video published on YouTube, but they can help to display our video as suggested video.

This can be proved as the most powerful tool as it is putting your video in front of many people around.

Tags can be the same as the keywords used in the video but you need to check the tags on some popular videos in your niche so that you might not miss any popular tag in your video. You may also find some good tools to search tags for your youtube videos on Google.

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