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10 Beauty Salon Digital Marketing Ideas to grow your salon business | Know How

Digital Marketing Beauty salon

People have started giving priority to themselves, they love to pamper themselves by visiting beauty salons and taking out time of their busy lives schedules. After all, ‘self-care is not selfish’. Also, who doesn’t want to look good at events or parties or weddings or birthdays? Considering all these the number of visitors has increased and as a result the competition among beauty salons also increased. 

So, if you belong to the beauty industry and own a beauty salon or hair salon or makeup artist. Then you are at the right place to know how to grow your business and make yourself stand out. Beauty salon digital marketing is the only way to get more potential customers. Otherwise, traditional marketing doesn’t provide such expected results. It takes huge money and time and still you may get disheartened with the outcome.

People search for beauty salons that have experienced staff, affordable, accessible amazing hospitality, quality products, and reliability. Therefore, your salon should have all such things to showcase, so that people make you their first choice. Here, Digital Chaabi will guide you on how to grow your beauty business through 10 salon digital marketing strategies. 

10 Beauty Salon Digital Marketing Ideas 

1. Attractive Website 

This is the first and most important step in beauty salon digital marketing, you must own a quality website. Moreover, it should be simple and the purpose should be to give as much information about your salon to visitors. Once the user visits your website, they should not be surrounded by unreasonable tabs and information. 

Beauty salon digital marketing

The simpler the navigation, the more action on your website will take place. The website must contain all answers that customers are likely to have. Also, a mobile-friendly website is the need of the hour because most of the searches come from mobile devices. So, don’t let those visitors get disappointed. Your beauty salon or hair salon website design is the way to generate more leads. 

2. Appealing Content

The content is the key to keeping customers to stay on your website for a long period. Add high-quality vibrant pictures and videos to attract an audience. Also, it will be great to hire a photographer to click professional pictures of your salon, team, and customers to show off your talents on the website. You can creative post for salon for digital marketing such as:

  • Facts on beauty or hair or skin
  • Tips on hair, skincare
  • Benefits of taking their service
  • Self-care importance 

Beauty salon digital marketing

You can post on any other interesting concept to increase engagement. Keep an eye on trending makeup looks (if you are a make artist) and post those content. Similarly, if you are a hairstylist or hairdresser then keep yourself updated on hair trends. Additionally, you should know what kind of content your customers like the most. However, to attract customers, quality and brand identity should not be compromised. 

3. Beauty Salon SEO

To increase search visibility, you can’t ignore the beauty salon SEO. Search Engine Optimization helps in ranking top on search engines to boost web traffic. By targeting an audience, they will likely become your customers. The best thing about SEO is that it is the organic way to pull website traffic. You don’t need to invest bucks to promote your business. 

Beauty salon digital marketing

Optimising the website with local SEO is the best SEO for salons to stand out from your nearby competitors. Your visibility will increase by using local keywords. Customers are most likely to search for salons like ‘salon near me’ or ‘best salon near me’. So, optimise your content with such keywords. No doubt, this is the best strategy for beauty salon digital marketing. Also, many salons take help from a digital marketing company, you can also contact us for brand salon digital marketing.

4. Clients’ Testimonial Videos 

When people search online they trust reviews or feedback or testimonials. So, to make your brand trustworthy, post videos of clients on your social media platforms. Moreover, you can post before and after pictures or videos of your work. 

Beauty salon digital marketing

Also, tag the name of clients to increase credibility. Follow this idea of digital marketing for beauty salons, and you will surely see the best result. It reflects customer satisfaction, consequently, compelling other potential customers to visit your salon. 

5. Salon Social Media Marketing 

Beauty salon social media marketing is a great way to improve search visibility and make your brand more discoverable. Today, Facebook and Instagram are powerful means of reaching target audiences. You can even upload videos of your salon and clients on YouTube to reach more audiences. Additionally, the post should be regular, creative and according to your salon theme. 

Beauty salon digital marketing

Hoop on trending reels music, transitions, before and after, tips and facts or come live for interaction. Also, running social media marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram will be effective to reach potential clients. Also, to take your business next level, we are expertise in providing salon social media marketing services. 

6. Influencer Marketing 

Today, influencers play an important role in reaching potential clients. To follow this beauty salon digital marketing strategy, you need to find influencers who have the same followers as you have. For instance, food bloggers will not generate leads but fashion and lifestyle bloggers will be assets for you. Therefore, research well before collaborating with any influencer. 

Beauty salon digital marketing

You have no idea how these influencers will uniquely promote your salon. This digital marketing for hair salons helps you to grow your business on a budget. Moreover, influencer marketing will make you highly visible on social media. Many big brands like Lakme and Loreal collaborate with influencers to increase engagement. 

7. Targeted Ads 

According to your audience demographics, run Google ads or Facebook or Instagram ads to target potential clients. Regular content posts also do the same thing but it may take time. But, this beauty salon digital marketing helps in gaining customers faster. 

Beauty salon digital marketing

Ads assist in narrowing the audience as much as possible to attract only the potential ones. If you are in Dwarka then you can target an audience of a certain radius and a certain age group. For quality work, you can consider Digital Chaabi for implementing digital marketing for beauty salon.

8. Online workshops 

For enhancing interaction on your social media platforms, coming live and organising workshops will be a great advantage. You can attract new clients by following this beauty salon digital marketing. In workshops, you can provide free or paid training to learners. For example, today several people are interested in learning self-makeup. So if you are a makeup artist you can start workshops. 

Beauty salon digital marketing

Live sessions and workshops develop a great impression on visitors. Through this brand salon digital marketing, you can show your skills and expert team to attract customers. Additionally, you can take a session providing some tips on hairstyles, makeup, wellness, health and more. 

9. Offers and Deals to old Customers

A happy customer is indeed a loyal customer, so to make them always connected to your service, you can provide them with regular offers. This way you will not lose your clients and also make more leads. You can give them discounts on taking hair-cut, manicures or pedicures or on any other service. 

Beauty salon digital marketing

Connect through email or messages and let them know that they are lucky to have this offer. After all, 50% off or 60% off will surely tempt your loyal members. Besides, happy customers are most likely to suggest you to other people if they get a return gesture. 

10. Create fun challenges and giveaways

To strengthen your beauty salon digital marketing strategies, begin giveaways to attract more audience. You can check many makeup artists who giveaways on social media platforms to promote your brand. You can see the example below: 

Beauty salon digital marketing

You can start some challenges to enhance engagement and make your page creative. For instance, you can encourage your audience to use your hashtag and make fun videos by using your product. Besides, giveaways of some products will help in enhancing brand awareness. 

Bottom Line

These beauty salon digital marketing strategies will make a great difference in your salon revenue. Investing in SEO, ads, digital marketing campaigns, social media, giveaways and other strategies will boost your brand image and number of clients. You will beat the beauty industry if you implement these salon digital marketing accurately.

Looking for a Beauty Salon Digital Marketing Company?

If you need a helping hand in digital marketing strategies for beauty salons then you can consider us. Digital Chaabi never fails to make their clients’ businesses or brand shine. We offer a specialisation in beauty salon digital marketing services like website creation, beauty salon SEO, social media marketing, running paid ads and more. We are a team of experts who are trusted by many beauty salon owners. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Beauty Salon Digital Marketing 

1. How do I promote my beauty salon on social media?

  • Post creative content like before and after reels
  • Conduct live sessions for interaction
  • Begin online training workshops
  • Run social media ads campaigns
  • Collaborate with influencers 
  • Post pictures and videos of past clients 
  • Organise giveaways and fun challenges 

2. How can I promote my online beauty business?

To promote your online beauty business you can adopt some beauty salon digital marketing strategies like-

  • Building attractive website 
  • Posting informative, valuable, creative, witty content
  • Focus on local SEO
  • Offering discounts and referral codes to previous loyal customers
  • Post vibrant pictures and videos on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook
  • Run ads on social media apps
  • Collaborate with influencers
  • Hire a salon digital marketing company 

3. How do I promote a small beauty business??

  • Create a website and post informative and valuable content
  • Make the website mobile-friendly 
  • Work on SEO
  • Claim on Google My Business 
  • Post engaging content on social media
  • Conduct live sessions and workshops
  • Keep eye on other salon business strategies

4. How do I promote my salon business on Instagram?

  • Convert the account into a business account
  • Add your location, contact number and email
  • Upload high-quality content to boost engagement
  • Organise giveaways to promote the brand
  • Run ads campaigns 

5. How do I add my salon to Google?

  • Go to Google My Business and create an account on it and verified
  • Ads all the information such as address and contact details.
  • Add a category and description of the business 
  • Upload best-quality photos 
  • Add a service menu and how to take an appointment

6. How can I increase my salon website traffic? 

  • Write engaging content to pull the audience
  • Focus on your niche like if you are a makeup artist or hairdresser or such.
  • Add the link of your website to all social media accounts
  • Optimise your website for Search Engine Optimization
  • Run Google ads or social media ads campaigns
  • Claim on GMB

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