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8 Tips to do SEO for Interior Designer Website

SEO for Interior Designer website

Digital marketing for interior designers will not provide effective results only because you have a website. You have to include search engine optimization strategies to build a strong online presence and increase the conversion rate. 

Inactive and poorly optimised websites can’t rank on top and compete with other businesses. Applying SEO for interior designer website is a necessity to grab more attention on search engines and also in boosting the good brand image. Furthermore, SEO is not restricted to just keyword stuffing, now Google focuses on every aspect of business websites. 

After all, it’s a very powerful tool to increase exposure, and generate potential and quality traffic on websites. So, now, let’s get a closer look at some of the most beneficial SEO strategies for interior designing websites.  

1. Long Tail Keywords 

To attract quality customers, you need to work on finding well-explained keyword phrases. The single or short-tail keywords will not drive the potential audience to your website. For instance, if your business is focused on home decor then find long-tail keywords for a home decor store. Like ‘How to decorate the home with led lights’. 

SEO for Interior Designer website

Further, your aim for using the keywords should be to provide similar and required information asked by users. Long-tail keywords help in reaching the top of search engines, especially Google. Moreover, you can find keywords for your business from various SEO tools like Google Search Console, Ahrefs, Google Correlated and more. 

2. Loading Speed 

Google will not let you rank higher until and unless you have a good and well-responsive website. For this, you have to optimize the website in such a way that provides the best user experience. To strengthen your SEO for interior designer website, create an informative, attention-seeking, readable, decent website to keep the visitors for a long time on the website. Most importantly, take care of the loading speed of web pages. 

SEO for Interior Designer website

No matter how better fonts, colours, and design templates you have used to build a website design until they load faster. Fast loading speed makes a good impression on visitors and helps in building a strong reputation. Moreover, mobile-friendly websites are most likely to pull traffic as smartphone users are increasing day by day. To get your work done, you can hire an agency who have expertise in website designing for interior designers

3. Focus on Blogs 

To add those long-term keywords, obviously, you need relevant content for it. You can’t target all kinds of audiences in one go, so create lots and lots of content. Publish blogs and infuse SEO keywords for interior designers to drive the right customers. The ideal length of blogs is more than 2,000 words but it doesn’t mean only long blogs rank higher. You can write short as well as long content as per the relevancy and topic.

SEO for Interior Designer website

Be regular in posting content to boost your SEO for interior designer website. It will increase the chances of improving the visibility of search engines. In such a way, you can promote your business too alongside providing value in the visitor’s life. Also, you can add blogs and links to social media platforms to gain more traffic. 

4. Optimise the Visual Content 

Don’t leave the images without optimising with SEO keywords for interior designers! Upload high-quality photos of new products, previous projects, interior designs and more. But to highlight them on the users’ search pages, and optimise the images with keywords. 

SEO for Interior Designer website

Add descriptive Alt tags and texts to the images, to improve the visibility of images and to provide a better user experience. Alt tags assist sight-impaired users to detect the image. Also, keep note of adding images that are not too large because large images take time to load. 

5. Tags and Categories 

Categories help search engines to recognise the website topic, for example, we provide interior designers SEO service so our category or general topic is- ‘Digital Marketing for interior designers‘ or ‘SEO for Interior designer’ and such. Similarly, your topics can be home decor, furniture, decoration ideas, etc.

SEO for Interior Designer website

Besides, tags provide ease to users to navigate your website. This technique of SEO for interior designer websites helps in finding the details that you want to provide through that blog. For instance, if you are writing about ‘How to decorate a bedroom corner’ then your tags may include bedroom, lights, storage ladder, etc. Try to add at least 10 or less than 10 relevant tags in a single blog post. 

6. Collect Reviews 

Positive reviews assure that you are a trustworthy and reputed company. This way, more quality leads can be generated and as a result your revenue increases. Ask for feedback from your clients on Google My Business or such websites. More reviews mean you will be more likely to be clicked on. So indirectly it helps in getting a high rank on Google. 

SEO for Interior Designer website

Users feel confident while connecting with businesses that have several reviews. Also appreciating the customers and considering them for review helps in building loyal customers. 

7. Share Content on Social Media 

Social media for interior designers works like magic if used correctly, it helps in boosting visibility, engagement and interaction. But how does it help in SEO for interior designer website? For this, add links to social media posts or stories on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. It also assists in providing a better user experience. Here is a graph showing the number of social media users:

Adding links on social media profiles or lists helps in improving rank and the number of leads. Also, those who are clicking on a link are most likely to be interested in your business and that’s how you can get your next client. This is a must-try tactic of SEO for interior designer website!

8. Upload Video Content 

Videos are more appealing and informative as compared to images. After all, the interior design business is more about practical work, and people who are seeking interior design want to see your previous projects. So, if you upload videos on YouTube will increase your visibility and also can get new customers. Further, adding links to them is like the cherry on the cake.

SEO for Interior Designer website

Look at the above data to know which platform most users consume videos from. Further, you may hire a videographer so that you can upload quality videos with descriptive captions and voice over. This technique will surely improve the SEO for interior designer website. 


These were the best SEO strategies for interior designing websites, now it’s your turn to implement these and analyse the effective results. There are also other tips to boost the SEO for interior designer websites like editing the meta descriptions, titles and more. So, consider all these tactics to see your business grow! 

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Frequently Asked Questions on SEO for Interior Designer Website 

1. Why Is SEO Important For Interior Designers?

SEO strategies for interior designing websites not only increase the business visibility but also the quality of traffic. By applying the right techniques, it filters out the traffic and conversion rates increase. It may take time from 6 months to 12 but this digital marketing for interior designers is highly beneficial and effective for the long term. 

2. What are the keywords for a home decor store?

Here are some long tail keywords for home decor stores: Home decoration ideas, house interior design, living room interior design, wall decor for bedroom, modern home interior design, etc. 

3. How does SEO help interior designers?

It’s worth paying attention to SEO for interior designer websites to grab quality traffic on your website and improve conversion rates. Through relevant and long-tail keywords, you reach the right audience and increase brand visibility. It helps in maintaining the rank on Google and therefore the online presence gets stronger. 

4. With the help of seo services, will my interior designer website rank higher on google?

There is no doubt that SEO helps in ranking the website higher on Google, however, it may take time. It takes lots of effort, time and consistency but eventually, it increases the number of clients, traffic quality, engagement and reputation. Also, it is cost-effective and provides results in the long run! After all, it is the easiest way to reach out to a wider and more targeted audience.

5. What are the contents of interior design?

  • Showcase your previous projects 
  • Post images or videos before and after 
  • Make tutorial videos or DIY 
  • Trends in home interior design 
  • Decorating home on a tight budget
  • Shopping guide for new home 


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