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The Social Media strategy of your organization must now be thought of at the heart of the overall marketing strategy. Indeed by 2020, social networks will become the first channel to reach corporate targets, far ahead of TV, radio, or newsletters – according to a study published in The Economist and entitled “The path to 2020: Marketers sixteen the customer experience ”who interviewed 499 Chiefs Marketing Officers from around the world. While an entire generation is already using social media as the primary information channel, Social Media is effectively becoming the most strategic communication channel in your communication.
Choose the right social media marketing agency in Gurgaon. Choosing the right Social Media strategy is answering several essential questions to take the right direction, that of success! What are the right social networks to communicate with? How to approach these communication channels? What editorial strategy should be developed? Which tone to use? What story to tell? How to grow your subscriber base? How to interact with your community?
Social media offers organizations an incredible opportunity to gain notoriety, to develop their brand image, to retain their customers, and to develop their sales, provided they take the right strategic direction. Get support from a Social Media strategy consulting agency Digital chaabi to increase your Social Media impact.

Social Media Marketing Services in Gurgaon


Did you know that in Delhi, more than two adults in three actively use social networks and that Facebook is more popular there than in any other province of India?

Strengthening your presence on different social networks with our top internet Marketing agency in Gurgaon represents a real growth opportunity for your SME.

Long considered a hobby, social networks are now a strategic advantage for companies wishing to increase the turnover of their web marketing.

A social media agency helps you make the most of all the elements that impact the success of your social media marketing services Gurgaon.

If you need a Digital Marketing service in Delhi, feel free to contact DigitalChaabi.

What are Social Networks for My Business?

Collaborating with our social media agency offers your SME all the tools necessary for your success on social media. Questions resolved with our best social media agency Before collaborating with our social media agency, our customers had no answers to these questions:
  • How to increase the notoriety and visibility of my SME on social networks?
  • How to promote my brand image and expertise online?
  • How to target, hire, and capture quality prospects on social networks?
  • How to manage my community and retain my current customers?
  • How to increase the notoriety and visibility of my SME on social networks?
  • How to promote my brand image and expertise online?
  • How to target, hire, and capture quality prospects on social networks?
  • How to manage my community and retain my current customers?
Social networks offer the advantage of grouping your targets and your business on a common platform. The goal of our social media agency is to allow you to engage with your targets on social networks through tailor-made content.

Attracting Prospects

Our social agency can help you strengthen this first pillar, that of visibility. This becomes possible thanks to the production of engaging content, and to local and tailor-made awareness campaigns.

Acquisition of New Customers

Social media is an excellent platform for acquiring new customers, thanks to personalized stores (such as a Facebook store or Instagram Shopping) and promotions with increasingly sophisticated targeting.

The Loyalty of Your Current Customers

Social networks offer unique loyalty opportunities. Above all social, these platforms allow you to create a close link with your audience and make them captive. Loyalty is one of the major challenges of social networks. Indeed, consumers spend on average between 20% and 40% more with companies that engage and respond to them on social networks. See your social media as a relationship tool that builds the trust of your customers.

Process of Our Social Media Marketing Services in India

A complete process with our best social media marketing services in India

In order to cover all the elements necessary for the effectiveness of your business on social networks, our social media agency will assist you during the following steps.

Auditing Your Social Networks

The social media audit gives you an overview of the current performance of your social media and that of your competition.

This step identifies potential areas for improvement in your best social media marketing services Gurgaon.

The data and statistics collected during this audit serve as the basis for the development of your social media communication strategy.

Developing Your Social Media Strategy

The social media strategy is to define the specific goals of your business on social media. Once these objectives have been defined, we create with you a tailor-made action plan grouping together the actions that will make it possible to achieve your objectives.

The Creation of Your Pages

The creation of pages on social networks increases the visibility of your business on the platforms most used by your target customers. Stand out from the competition with our social media agency by offering unique and targeted content for your persona while working on your social media marketing.

Managing Your Social Media for better reach in Gurugram

The management of your platforms by a social media manager ensures that you publish rich, engaging, targeted content on a regular basis.

Social Media Training for young aspirants in Gurugram

Social media training gives you all the keys to learning how to manage your social media yourself. The experts of our web agency will teach you to publish content adapted to your target and to use all the measurement tools available on social networks. Discover our training and become autonomous within your SME. Entrust your social media to our best social media marketing company in Gurgaon Digital chaabi.
By choosing Digital chaabi as a partner in managing your social media, you will have a social media agency that:
  • Appropriate the realities of your business and your industry in order to submit a strategy in total adequacy with your target.
  • Support your social networks based on a robust strategy defined with you by certified experts.
  • Base its collaboration on trust and transparency.
  • You will be able to follow our progress in real-time thanks to a common management tool and will remain the final decision maker in all circumstances.
  • It Will does not make you sign any contract.
  • If you feel that the results of our actions on your social networks do not meet your ambitions, you have the freedom to stop your collaboration with Digital chaabi.
  • We will automatically return all of your intellectual property to you.
  • Increase the business opportunities of your SME on social networks today with our social media agency Digital chaabi. Contact us to tell us about your projects and get a free evaluation.
What is the ranking of social networks in the world? What are the main social networks in the world? What are the biggest social networks in terms of the number of users? What are the new growing networks to watch?
Be careful, there are surprises: although little known in Europe, Asian social networks are making a major breakthrough in the world and mobile social networks and instant messaging applications relegate traditional networks far behind. Before starting your tutorial, get my 6 marketing tools, consult the Traffic & Customers program, and download free guides and advice to improve your performance on social networks.

The Best Social Media Marketing Company in Gurgaon

In 2020, social networks are used by a large number of individuals as well as professionals and therefore represent a huge potential to increase your notoriety. Note that search engines do not directly take into account your social media activities to determine your positioning in search results. However, your presence on social networks is not negligible and indirectly impacts your natural referencing (SEO) for the following reasons: Sharing publications allow you to increase your notoriety and indirectly create backlinks (external links); You will encourage Internet users to redirect to your website through engaging publications; Your presence on social media optimizes your notoriety.
It is therefore strongly advised for companies to have a solid and well-organized digital marketing strategy in order to stay on course. The goal of this strategy is to build customer loyalty and attract new ones. However, social media is constantly evolving, so it’s important to stay up to date by taking advantage of trends to strengthen your digital marketing strategy. To improve your social media strategy and achieve your marketing goals, follow the advice of My Little Big Web’s social media management specialists.
Having become a key concept in web marketing, a well-defined social media strategy gives your business the means to ensure an effective and consistent presence on social networks. Putting in place a productive social media strategy takes time and requires concrete know-how. However, it is better to be absent from social networks than to be present in a confused and hasty manner.

How to Optimize Your Social Media Strategy?

From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, social media gives your business the opportunity to interact with its present and future customers. But one thing at a time. Before taking action and posting content without thinking, it’s necessary to think carefully about your social media strategy. A good social media approach is prepared in advance. Just occupying the space is not enough.
The internet user is constantly called upon and will not hesitate to get rid of the accounts that parasitize their digital environment. Hence the importance of properly organizing your social media strategy so as not to spread out and risk losing internet users along the way. For the magic of likes to take hold, for comments to flow freely and for your content to be shared in abundance, it is necessary to define a clear positioning to adopt on social networks. And stick to it.

Our Services in Social Media Strategy

  • Operational watch and market research;
  • Help in defining your positioning;
  • Content creation for social networks;
  • Editorial planning / Publication calendar;
  • Community management;
  • Web marketing campaign;
  • Monitoring and qualitative adaptation of the strategy based on the analysis of the results.

Social media support by an agency includes both content creation and interaction with Internet users.

The expertise in creating text and graphic content available to the Alioze team allows us to define a precise framework for your social media strategy to achieve quantitative as well as qualitative, conative as well as cognitive, and financial results.

Whether you are looking to modernize your image, conquer new audiences, increase your popularity, whether you think of social networks as an extension of your website, whether they serve you to provide after-sales service, to retain, to engage dialogue or building a new relationship with your customers, Digital-chaabi is the agency to whom to turn to reflect on an effective social media marketing services in Gurgaon.

We have been helping brands to emerge on social networks by supporting them in their social media marketing services in Gurgaon. To bring out your brand, we design and implement a differentiating social media strategy thanks to our three businesses:

Advice: We define your editorial strategy and your content strategy to give meaning to your speaking.

Production: We develop content adapted to your brand messages that will engage your communities.

Support: We support you in achieving your KPIs with community management of your social networks and management of your amplification campaigns.

Exploration and Guidelines

We lay the foundations for reflection thanks to your competitors and inspiring brands in your sector (content & performance). We note trends and determine guidelines.
  • Audit of your social networks
  • Inspirational competitive benchmark
  • Best Social media Marketing guidelines and trends in your market.
  • Content strategy and platforms
  • Definition of the role of each social network
  • Grid of contents, activations & Influence
  • Budget recommendation for each format and activation.
  • Media strategy, data & influence
    We bring you a clear vision of the optimization techniques, the KPIs to follow, and the means to set up to meet your objectives.
  • We build your media plan for social networks according to your highlights.
  • Amplification guidelines, A / B testing, and retargeting methodology
  • Targeting and data recommendation
  • Recommendations on efficient formats by platform
  • Media plan on your KPIs with the recommended budget.

Social Media Audit

We analyze in depth your presence on social networks and those of your competitors in order to determine your weaknesses and your communication opportunities.

Channel strategy

We support you so that you choose the right Social Media platforms on which to communicate with your targets.

Editorial strategy

We invent the communication topics that you will discuss every day with your fans on your Social Media platforms.

Social Media Storytelling

We stage your brand on social networks in the story that you tell to your audience: actuarial diagram, tone of speaking.

Growth strategy

We grow your communities with bold growth strategies and really effective growth hacking techniques.

Conversation strategy

We put in place for you the response strategies that will allow you to converse serenely with your community on social networks. Your Social Media Strategy is in good hands

Digital chaabi Social Media enthusiasts. We have tens of thousands of hours of experience on countless strategic issues covering all trades and different economic sectors. We support you on the big social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter as on the new kids: Pinterest. We put all this experience at your service to advise you as best as possible in developing the best Social Media marketing for your brand.

What Includes in Ads Management?

Increase the traffic on your website or social media pages or increase your app installs whether increase the number of clients at your physical location can be done through social media advertising.

There is variety of filters used in social media ad campaigns

  • Location Based Targeting (city, state or country)
  • Interest Based Targeting
  • Demographic Targeting (age, gender, profession, relationship status etc)
  • Behavior Targeting (User behavior based on technology, travel habits)
  • Look-a-like audience targeting (same audience exist you are selecting)
  • Custom Audience Targeting (To target audience as per choice)
  • Remarketing (To target people who has already engaged with us using Pixel)